Research, Character Building, Real-Life Relevance.

I’m simultaneously working on two movies and mulling over some sitcoms.

I’m researching as I go this time. Found out some interesting stuff I can’t disclose but I had a series of events happen in real life that contribute to an action sequence  and as these movie tones are adventure instead of freaking out like for comedy tone I stayed calm and thought about more relevant perhaps logical adapting instead.

Looking at a movie creation journey from the outside of self may be a different perhaps even more professional tone in this scenario.

Funny how years of writing and development change immersion perceptions.

Maybe what makes really good movies is varied immersion perceptions from the screenwriter’s mind.

VIP (Varied Immersion Perceptions) IT OUT



More dreaming from the mind of me.

Michael Lee Burris,

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing GENUINE help along the way.”

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