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My name is Michael Lee Burris

My hobby is being an observer of life constantly seeing parallels to bring to my commercial, lyric, screen and teleplay writing world.

I come from a healthcare background working from personal care to one on one care to pursuing a degree in public health to help the masses from 1991=2012.

My favorite college classes were research methods classes. While these classes were geared towards health sciences they are adaptable to anything one chooses to research or learn (Example of those parallels I mentioned at open) . I’ve written poetry since age fourteen and started scratching down story ideas for screen and television as early as 2009.

The first screenplay I  tried to write was mid 2010. I’ve been writing screenplays and teleplays solidly since mid 2012. I have compiled and continue to compile quite a library of ideas to completed works.

I like to write commercials, I like to write lyrics, I like to write television and I like to write movies. I used to like to write all genres of all the above nowadays it’s global adventure, Sci-Fi and sitcom.

Diversity is nothing unique. It is the normality of  versatility all working writers understand and utilize when confronted with almost any situation working with a team. That simple.

Another important perception of writer diversity I have is being a diverse enough person as a whole not to merely adapt but understand the environment you are accepted into, confronted with or thrown in to.  I always feel pulse of self which I hope transcends into the pulse of the fellowship of screenwriters.

The reason diversity has occurred for me is because I drive a revolutionary wheel of desire and determination. I  also notice a little about audience forces being relative to my own thought process and works.

I  miss  being in a busy practical world around hundreds of people at times but I love creating other worlds in my mind even more. Sometimes I wish I could still be in both worlds but I wouldn’t trade or change the ability to create and continuously write for anything. Hopefully experiencing both worlds will make a good collaborator and a person people want to work with someday.

Here’s a  little integrity of person validation:

Mike’s Integ Check

This is a fingerprint background check as per Illinois but also federal as I had a job once that required the possibility of varied state travel working in various capacities in healthcare. I never had to go outside Illinois at the time.

I also had an Illinois healthcare provider number through IDPH but it expired as I also worked as a personal assistant.

The above doesn’t mean a whole lot in the world of screenwriting. It does help validate some integrity I have as a person though.

“Life is way too short not to look at the lighter side of it.” & “I’m trying my damnedest not to fly around like a blind bird.”

While this was my old signature line it is still important. Below is my new one that is set in stone in my mind.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing GENUINE help along the way.”

These Logos are all copyrighted with U.S. copyright office; of all my logos and branding these are not for sale unless utilized under a larger umbrella company.

Company Logo.


.                         CPPCI

Mission Statement:

“I want to put the I for you in any media writing I do.”

                         These are subsidiary series to personal parent writing company.

NHaleyou Commercials.



Mission Statement:

“I want to consume the consumer to the point of wonder and want”.

Tellipsual (Tell Lips Shh! Ya’ all) Productions.


Mission Statement:

“The goal is to write teleplays so good everyone watching will want to focus and tell everybody else; “Tell lips shh!, Ya’ all”.

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