Take Care Of Yourself

You know sometimes in the insane and not so insane world that I; not saying we because I’m not going to assume everyone can relate we just have to take care of ourselves.

I’ve stated before that I’m bi-polar and I care and that’s all that matters. It’s true but I had a manic attack that seemed uncontrollable and a little sick and I couldn’t figure out why? And because I keep myself mostly straight nowadays I realized I had a damn teeth infection. So I went and got an antibiotic and I’m going to be OK.  I’ll get new teeth, feel better about myself and never have to worry again.

I’m just saying that whatever insanity a creative goes through and what ever tools to help you control insanity never forget to take care of yourself and get help when you need it. I’m sure many people in my life feel like I just run them over and because of that they may not care about little O me but I do.

I can’t make anybody care about themselves either, they have to. And enough about the heavy.

And out the door I went yesterday. Yesterday was an awesome failed success. I was thinking way to small while I can’t divulge details I was meant to not have success on a smaller level for a reason. It kind of makes me come back to the story about a tree and looking from the same perspective from a different height. In a way I took my idea to an apex of height.

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