Too Sick To Work?

So today I don’t feel well. I have to take some antibiotics.

While I think of my project in a much bigger way and context now. I was still going to follow through. Only because if I can’t do one project how can I expect to duplicate it.

Now I have the problem of taking care of my health. Perhaps today isn’t the day for pushing myself to where I need to go but because I’m not feeling well doesn’t mean I’m too sick to work. I’m losing that feeling of indecision more and more.

So what I can do is make the people’s work for who I’m going to “pitch” the idea to better. After all; if I were an exec. or the one making decisions or getting the idea to someone else making decisions I would want a guy to bring me a project proposal/business proposal to me where I didn’t have to do much work to get people on board. Persuasion is an odd thing. In the media world sometimes I think decisions are somewhat made on a whim even if it is who you know. They have a lot come across the table everyday. Everybody has the best idea so to speak but if the vision is a no-brainer in black and white perhaps you’ll get the dismissive yeah whatever. On a rare occasion if I do it really well they may even think about a project in a little different or an expandable practical  way or let the idea stick with them. That’s the ideal goal in the capacity I’m working currently.

“I’d like to make the small stuff something that they would think; hey I can remember thinking like that”. Not sure if that’s an original quote.

I’m ready an unafraid but I’m also not feeling well. So I guess I’ll just do something today.

My blog sure can save my mind at times. I never realized how healthy it truly is even if it is just for me. I’m also thinking it may be time for time management and a better sleep schedule. Weird how being sick or not feeling well all of sudden changes the tone to more serious. Maybe I can learn lessons from that too though.

I may blog a few times today. Hopefully if I do its just not more clutter in an noisy world. Something tells me they probably won’t be. I sure hope I don’t get redundant. Redundancy is a nifty exploration too. Maybe later I can explain why its good and bad or why I think it is anyway. That should give you a clue.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

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