And Back To Reality

Today is the day. This is my final attempt to get the last bit of information I think and hope I need for a movie as far as research goes.

I may get the opportunity to “pitch” it or maybe an elevator “pitch” so to speak. Honestly I’m a little bit nervous. I’m also confident and believe in my project though.

“Pitching” is somewhat like acting to me because it takes an embodiment of primary business self, creative self and me just being me. I have to be cheerful yet serious.

I guess that’s the key to any project cheerful and serious. The people I hope want to get on board with my project seem to run their franchise as such. Overview perspective is my perspective as I’m still somewhat of an outsider looking in.

As I’m writing this I realize I also have to prepare my other materials for the same demographic. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about that though.

I’ve never really made a “pitch” diagram “pitching” before but as part of my “pitch” and giving a larger picture to my overall vision I have to sell much more than a movie idea in order for this project to work. Merchandise and marketability are key factors in this vision. Its also important getting a studio on board with it. Maybe its not as tough as a sell as I think it is demographic wise when it comes to “pitching” it to Hollywood. Maybe I’m making more out of the demographic problem than I should. I hope. This is a big stage folks.

I’m closing my eyes, I’m breathing and I’m always dreaming. I’m meant to do this in my life. I always have.

I’ve very rarely in my life have asked people to wish me luck but if anybody out there is reading this today at least think of little O me and my plight for the big stage. I would you. And maybe even throw you a complex problem a few times along the way because as screenwriters go with all our beauty we have to be prepared to resolve tough problems with our projects. I’ve had my share. I can and I will do this. TODAY.

I have wrote a nifty theme song lyric too with an artist in mind for it.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”


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