Bad Story Sunday Idea Reinvented

Yesterday I over thought I think. Perhaps I was just thinking of the jazzy nature of science fiction dialogue at times. Enough of that… well, for this idea.

Below is what I thought would be fun. And it’s not that hard.

Trying to be creative, imagining and such thinking outside the box just causes over thinking sometimes which can lead to under thought interpretation from audience. It’s also good to give it that next day overlook trying to make the concept practical. While this idea is probably not original in some facets I still think its important. While much different from being screen wrote it might give some up and coming a view into why their screenplays aren’t good either. I could screen write it in reduction form within 10 minutes or so but like I said I’m just going to tell stories.


In real-time about 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Bad Story!

I went outside and stood atop a place where a tree had been cut down and then thought how does a tree think?

A man replied and….?

Oh nothing I just thought. The man gave me a disgusted look, shook his head and went inside.

The end. This is a horrible story.

In real-time about 7 p.m. on Saturday.

This is a Good Story!

Life was weighing heavy on me, I was really going stir crazy about to lose my mind. I’d recently been out to eat and something was settling none to well with me.

I was talking to myself wondering how I was going to pull off an idea for Bad Story Sunday. Perhaps I was letting it weigh on me too much. Perhaps I just needed to get out of the house and take a walk.

So I did. I got myself up out of bed, went out the door to bright sunshine, walked downstairs and took a walk around the area I was.

About two-thirds of the way into my walk which was becoming pressing going up a low-grade hill I seen an old tree stump nearly flush with the ground as carpenters or builders of things use the terminology.

There was a somewhat busy highway none to far from the place I seen and was compelled to go stand upon. I followed my compulsion, stood where I was compelled to do so and imagined as I looked into the forest across the highway where I was.

A man who at one time thought I was crazy had followed me. He asked me what I was doing? I simply replied trying to think like a tree. He replied and…?

Well if I were a tree I guess I would feel free and have a sense of purpose. The man replied how so?

Because I would get to watch the world go by from a never-changing perspective through time except for the perspective of height. I would have sense of purpose protecting those near me from mother nature unless she chose to strike me dead. I would probably hear and experience every emotion through time although I’m not sure as a tree how that would feel.

I think on a day in full bloom perhaps my leaves would feel like a million dancing hands. How exhilarating that would be or perhaps the crack of thunder, storms brewing would feel exhilirating as I’m in need of a shower and a drink.

I probably wouldn’t mind those of adolescence to climb and sit on one of my many shoulders. I could nestle them in keep them safe and maybe they could see life from my perspective for a moment.

The man just looked at me as though I were a tree and walked inside. I never felt more validated in my life. I also knew there would never be an end to my creative being in a practical sense.

That is the beauty of a screenwriter my friends.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”


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