True Story:

So they are painting the building wherever I may be.

I went outside, sat down next to a nearing bare wood railing, looked over. Low and behold; what did I see?

A tiny speck of a paint chip.

I wet my finger, gave it a light dab, picked it up, slowly brought it towards me, eyed it; intently with a contortion-like face and slightly squinted eyeballs bringing it to great focus. Then and I thought. What food for thought.

How many out there ever heard or perhaps by slim margin were asked or told. How many paint chips did you eat when you were a kid. Perhaps a variation might be parent to parent asking how many did they feed him.

Ext.  Apartment Building, Second Floor – Wherever- Day

Sunshine glares, causes reflective gleam on a one hundred feet long open-air canopy hallway design with several apartments spaced in symmetry. Floor is fading wood and near bare wood railings although outer building facade is well-maintained vinyl siding.

Mike exits apartment door in a ponderous, inattentive, distract able state, adjusts hat, cross arm rubs back of left shoulder, meanders towards his familiar chair.

You get the just. Sometimes it helps to see yourself. Revisiting the idea of being the picture painting screenwriter. Probably because I get bored just being a screenwriter not that it is in any way easy but you kind of get the knack after 10, 000- 12,000 hours and near ten years of it. It’s kinda like whoopee and don’t ask how I intended that.

My creative/social side.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

About Michael Lee Burris

Screenwriter Lyricist
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