Integral Stresses and Limitations

While I can’t publish publicly details about what I’m working on. Its about integral stresses and limitations for my vision of what I think a company can and cannot represent.

I’m molding myself for something and in doing so I decided to use something I explored a few years back as an example of limitations and stress.

Also I’m fresh. So when one works on such complex problems to me it is important to do so at the freshest part of the day and personally I have to be as straight as I can be to do it.

This is highly complex and difficult. It requires as much walking on eggshells so to speak as being as bold, brash or as sick as what I think is acceptable with my vision.

It would be interesting to read several and see what their interpretation and resolve is. Some are fine with everything and that is OK too but I’m just going to say with my vision it is not.

Diplomacy is a bitch!

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

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So Behind the Times

This is my first blog trying to use a phone. Yeah it works. Now don’t none of those of younger generation laugh and don’t those of older generation say wow I didn’t know you could do that.

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You know one aspect of the screenwriting world is well-written flops.

I used to wonder why people would read bad screenplays on purpose then something occurred to me that is definitely not new.

Every once in a while its good to see bad rated movies because after paying attention for a while you can see the difference between good story and bad execution on the part of  whoever did the movie.

I’m not going to call out the most recent one but it really has me wondering if it was due to expected gain on another movie and then a calculated loss on the one I saw.

Perhaps its the business world of movies. I don’t know but you would think acquiring  reinvestment revenue would make them want to have high success in everything they do. Seems odd to me as though someone was intentionally asleep at the wheel.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

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Too Much Self- Esteem

I took a couple of days away from blogging.

I’ve noticed something important to note about social media, business, myself.

In a way my track of time was almost thrown off.

You know whatever your world is in the noisy world of media; rather a simple blog or some great business design or perhaps just staying to your simple vision in focused or expandable ways it is very important in building that you step back for just a moment. When I realize how much I’ve built within a month sure it seems pretty fantastic but at what cost? Was being in such a hurry a necessity?

I think a lot of it is also building too much self-esteem at times.

Sometimes coming up from nothing; especially with no encouragement, without discouragement or even somewhere in-between requires one to put all their energy into self-esteem and while this is good it can become too much pressure. You know people at times have always said that people are molded to withstand pressure in business,  pressure in doing what it takes and that’s a fine scenario but if you are building it yourself at the start and you know your pressure limitations or just limitations in general I don’t think you can ever expect to make any one else do what you can’t but you can make many disperse your steam pressure of of self-esteem. This pressure also causes an indecision factor that should not require snap decision making. With that said decisions that need to made under pressure situations require more than one person and meetings with people that can take just a little bit of that steam or a whole lot of that steam dispersing it themselves in healthy ways seeing the vision that you have.

Projects can be done individually but it takes much more than you to bring your project to light.

So remember in a wired world or whatever world you are in; where the wired one is integral in most be careful of losing that track of time, when you know your pressure limitations get some help dispersing.

Self-suffering and sacrifice building a company are only part of an admiration quality.  To me if the inter workings of a company doesn’t have admiration qualities from their people they WILL lose admiration for their products.

Hey its worked for others this way and they have admirable products but I sure hope its all right if I don’t chose to be such way as I still like being in touch with my humanity and nature and just life in general.

Of course this is only if I ever made it to the atmosphere of being a company man. LOL!

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Organic Technology

As science evolves I think technology is becoming more of a scientific organism.

Yeah in a way it sucks and we have to break away sometimes before it consumes us but in reality its controllable and just another tool. That’s all we have to remember I think feel and hope. Its not even addictive if you see it as just a tool.

Social media managers will probably have to take more time off and limit themselves but I think it is a still controllable from the human aspect of being the most complex organic creatures ever created.

Perhaps the universe does revolve around us. I suppose if we were to believe in alien species we are superior because we won’t let technology defeat us. I believe in humanity and the organic nature of life on this Earth. I know we’ll be fine because technology will never have a spirit or soul and that I have always had faith in. Sometimes I think that is what the Zombie protocol is. We wouldn’t be zombies if there were a technological apocolypse but it sure would be funny watching the dazed people without technology. Even if it were for a day. I know; that’s just out there and actually wouldn’t be all that funny.

Just silly thoughts for the day.

I sure wish the damn dentist office would call me back. I’m becoming annoy yed being a consumer of idle time and don’t want to be a little devil.

I really do love writing science fiction stuff sometimes. I just have to let this run its course. See how hard it is for me not to work on big idea’s and just dumb ones of ponderous nonsense.

Eh, maybe my blog is unhealthy for me today. I can wait and don’t have to express every damn thing I think to help me.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing GENUINE help along the way.”

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Mass Appeal Popularity.

You know everyone wonders what mass appeal popularity is supposed to mean with the new Oscars category.

While I myself don’t actually know I suspect it has something to do with batching. Let’s face it; everything is wired in nowadays. Every click.

As technology and the movie industry; as it is industry goes, I think we have accept parts of the technological evolution impact and if there is a way to know; which google probably does; perhaps that’s the way they come to decision.

Again this is just conjecture. I myself do not really know but perhaps it may actually cause fairness. Technology is science in research and that is what the Academy is. Just another way of looking at it I suppose that is hopefully food for thought.

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Too Sick To Work?

So today I don’t feel well. I have to take some antibiotics.

While I think of my project in a much bigger way and context now. I was still going to follow through. Only because if I can’t do one project how can I expect to duplicate it.

Now I have the problem of taking care of my health. Perhaps today isn’t the day for pushing myself to where I need to go but because I’m not feeling well doesn’t mean I’m too sick to work. I’m losing that feeling of indecision more and more.

So what I can do is make the people’s work for who I’m going to “pitch” the idea to better. After all; if I were an exec. or the one making decisions or getting the idea to someone else making decisions I would want a guy to bring me a project proposal/business proposal to me where I didn’t have to do much work to get people on board. Persuasion is an odd thing. In the media world sometimes I think decisions are somewhat made on a whim even if it is who you know. They have a lot come across the table everyday. Everybody has the best idea so to speak but if the vision is a no-brainer in black and white perhaps you’ll get the dismissive yeah whatever. On a rare occasion if I do it really well they may even think about a project in a little different or an expandable practical  way or let the idea stick with them. That’s the ideal goal in the capacity I’m working currently.

“I’d like to make the small stuff something that they would think; hey I can remember thinking like that”. Not sure if that’s an original quote.

I’m ready an unafraid but I’m also not feeling well. So I guess I’ll just do something today.

My blog sure can save my mind at times. I never realized how healthy it truly is even if it is just for me. I’m also thinking it may be time for time management and a better sleep schedule. Weird how being sick or not feeling well all of sudden changes the tone to more serious. Maybe I can learn lessons from that too though.

I may blog a few times today. Hopefully if I do its just not more clutter in an noisy world. Something tells me they probably won’t be. I sure hope I don’t get redundant. Redundancy is a nifty exploration too. Maybe later I can explain why its good and bad or why I think it is anyway. That should give you a clue.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

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Take Care Of Yourself

You know sometimes in the insane and not so insane world that I; not saying we because I’m not going to assume everyone can relate we just have to take care of ourselves.

I’ve stated before that I’m bi-polar and I care and that’s all that matters. It’s true but I had a manic attack that seemed uncontrollable and a little sick and I couldn’t figure out why? And because I keep myself mostly straight nowadays I realized I had a damn teeth infection. So I went and got an antibiotic and I’m going to be OK.  I’ll get new teeth, feel better about myself and never have to worry again.

I’m just saying that whatever insanity a creative goes through and what ever tools to help you control insanity never forget to take care of yourself and get help when you need it. I’m sure many people in my life feel like I just run them over and because of that they may not care about little O me but I do.

I can’t make anybody care about themselves either, they have to. And enough about the heavy.

And out the door I went yesterday. Yesterday was an awesome failed success. I was thinking way to small while I can’t divulge details I was meant to not have success on a smaller level for a reason. It kind of makes me come back to the story about a tree and looking from the same perspective from a different height. In a way I took my idea to an apex of height.

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And Out the Door I Went

Well that’s what I did.

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And Back To Reality

Today is the day. This is my final attempt to get the last bit of information I think and hope I need for a movie as far as research goes.

I may get the opportunity to “pitch” it or maybe an elevator “pitch” so to speak. Honestly I’m a little bit nervous. I’m also confident and believe in my project though.

“Pitching” is somewhat like acting to me because it takes an embodiment of primary business self, creative self and me just being me. I have to be cheerful yet serious.

I guess that’s the key to any project cheerful and serious. The people I hope want to get on board with my project seem to run their franchise as such. Overview perspective is my perspective as I’m still somewhat of an outsider looking in.

As I’m writing this I realize I also have to prepare my other materials for the same demographic. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about that though.

I’ve never really made a “pitch” diagram “pitching” before but as part of my “pitch” and giving a larger picture to my overall vision I have to sell much more than a movie idea in order for this project to work. Merchandise and marketability are key factors in this vision. Its also important getting a studio on board with it. Maybe its not as tough as a sell as I think it is demographic wise when it comes to “pitching” it to Hollywood. Maybe I’m making more out of the demographic problem than I should. I hope. This is a big stage folks.

I’m closing my eyes, I’m breathing and I’m always dreaming. I’m meant to do this in my life. I always have.

I’ve very rarely in my life have asked people to wish me luck but if anybody out there is reading this today at least think of little O me and my plight for the big stage. I would you. And maybe even throw you a complex problem a few times along the way because as screenwriters go with all our beauty we have to be prepared to resolve tough problems with our projects. I’ve had my share. I can and I will do this. TODAY.

I have wrote a nifty theme song lyric too with an artist in mind for it.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”


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