I Dislike Being an A-hole

Sometimes life just throws those lemons one after another. Such situations make me be an a-hole sometimes not due to fault of others and sometimes so. I cannot feel guilty about decisions I make anymore because they are not snap decisions as much as crossing the line or allowing advantage taking to just keep building until I reach a breaking point.

It’s not my nature truly but sometimes nature does this and is perhaps a healthy event; both for those on the winning and losing end.

But you know in another respect if I’m trying to be build a team of top notch A+ people and help maybe its OK to think of such mannerisms in such terms of those entering my endeavor to help me with my creation, domain, project as it is indeed an A+ hole of creation.

With that said I’m a pretty stable rock of a person too; well mostly as I’m male I get moody not emotional.

Sorry people. I still love ya and all.

Sometimes cussing, cursing, loathing a driving force can be a good thing as you walk away under your breath thinking or mumbling so.

I’m fun and witty as hell too once the ball gets rolling.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing GENUINE help along the way.”

About Michael Lee Burris

Screenwriter Lyricist
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