Too Much Self- Esteem

I took a couple of days away from blogging.

I’ve noticed something important to note about social media, business, myself.

In a way my track of time was almost thrown off.

You know whatever your world is in the noisy world of media; rather a simple blog or some great business design or perhaps just staying to your simple vision in focused or expandable ways it is very important in building that you step back for just a moment. When I realize how much I’ve built within a month sure it seems pretty fantastic but at what cost? Was being in such a hurry a necessity?

I think a lot of it is also building too much self-esteem at times.

Sometimes coming up from nothing; especially with no encouragement, without discouragement or even somewhere in-between requires one to put all their energy into self-esteem and while this is good it can become too much pressure. You know people at times have always said that people are molded to withstand pressure in business,  pressure in doing what it takes and that’s a fine scenario but if you are building it yourself at the start and you know your pressure limitations or just limitations in general I don’t think you can ever expect to make any one else do what you can’t but you can make many disperse your steam pressure of of self-esteem. This pressure also causes an indecision factor that should not require snap decision making. With that said decisions that need to made under pressure situations require more than one person and meetings with people that can take just a little bit of that steam or a whole lot of that steam dispersing it themselves in healthy ways seeing the vision that you have.

Projects can be done individually but it takes much more than you to bring your project to light.

So remember in a wired world or whatever world you are in; where the wired one is integral in most be careful of losing that track of time, when you know your pressure limitations get some help dispersing.

Self-suffering and sacrifice building a company are only part of an admiration quality.  To me if the inter workings of a company doesn’t have admiration qualities from their people they WILL lose admiration for their products.

Hey its worked for others this way and they have admirable products but I sure hope its all right if I don’t chose to be such way as I still like being in touch with my humanity and nature and just life in general.

Of course this is only if I ever made it to the atmosphere of being a company man. LOL!

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Screenwriter Lyricist
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