Organic Technology

As science evolves I think technology is becoming more of a scientific organism.

Yeah in a way it sucks and we have to break away sometimes before it consumes us but in reality its controllable and just another tool. That’s all we have to remember I think feel and hope. Its not even addictive if you see it as just a tool.

Social media managers will probably have to take more time off and limit themselves but I think it is a still controllable from the human aspect of being the most complex organic creatures ever created.

Perhaps the universe does revolve around us. I suppose if we were to believe in alien species we are superior because we won’t let technology defeat us. I believe in humanity and the organic nature of life on this Earth. I know we’ll be fine because technology will never have a spirit or soul and that I have always had faith in. Sometimes I think that is what the Zombie protocol is. We wouldn’t be zombies if there were a technological apocolypse but it sure would be funny watching the dazed people without technology. Even if it were for a day. I know; that’s just out there and actually wouldn’t be all that funny.

Just silly thoughts for the day.

I sure wish the damn dentist office would call me back. I’m becoming annoy yed being a consumer of idle time and don’t want to be a little devil.

I really do love writing science fiction stuff sometimes. I just have to let this run its course. See how hard it is for me not to work on big idea’s and just dumb ones of ponderous nonsense.

Eh, maybe my blog is unhealthy for me today. I can wait and don’t have to express every damn thing I think to help me.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing GENUINE help along the way.”

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