Where To?

You know I could build this site annexing all kinds of writer’s resources and blogs to be “The Almighty Powerful Screenwriter Resource” (sarcasm) but why?

Screenwriter’s know what they need to do. They know most resources available. They know their craft to be worth a damn takes constant learning and dedication.

I’m just going to tell stories mostly truthful with a little sensationalism. I’m really beginning to believe that the tools and comprehensive resources become dull and uninteresting at times, not that they are not a necessity but after nearing ten years of doing this stuff its a lot of second nature crap. I think it is probably good to give other screenwriter blogs shout outs once in a while but even that becomes mundane at times.

What never disinterest me however is stories. Life is about stories real and fiction at face value up to and including sensationalism. Think about silly stories you and your friends told growing up and as you get to my age the arguments of how it happened.

I’ve seen a lot of people in Hollywood and in streaming services talk about how the want themselves represented on the screen.

Here’s a harsh reality I believe and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. I don’t think people want exactly accurate representations of themselves (Biographies and documentary are an exception) I think what drives audience is wanting a reflection of themselves represented with sensationalism most the time or focus on impactful life events making them who they are but this is only with audience and people that want that representation. I don’t think everybody does. Myself, I’m the type of guy who would rather watch the non-realistic, something funny timed for sensationalism, or a world of complete fantasy. I’ve explored other genres of writing, wrote a drama or two and come up with idea’s for such all the time but as much as I’ve tried and put effort into it, it just isn’t me.

I’m a light-hearted guy. I can’t change that nature of me. And believe me there is totally enough personal drama in comedy. Being evil can be fun but I never really see it as dramatic I guess because I kinda know how to make it. I’m telling you a secret in a way and in a way I think a lot of people of the industry know drama drives comedy as much as comedy drives the dark, forboding drama even when the result is strictly drama or strictly comedy. That’s why screenwriter’s are walking conundrums.

So from here on out I’m just going to tell stories. If this blog makes to a list of screenwriter’s blogs someday great. If it doesn’t oh well.

I can pretty much assure you that I’m not same o same o with stories and their are enough damn comprehensive resources anyone can find.

What is odd at times is how reflective my voice seems to be in current industry happenings through my dumb, silly and maybe sometimes good stories.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to tell a bad story. Maybe bad story Sunday would be an interesting weekly thing. IDK.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

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