Fear of Losing Divinity

Last night was the first night I just came out and said I need help.

It’s true. I do need help.

Here is why I’m also on the fence working or creating jobs. Let’s say I chose to create them.

My demeanor, personality and persona would have to maintain a highly professional embodiment. That’s fine for the outer facade of what media creation is but honestly I love the fun factor and what I call divinity feeling youthful. I feel natural that way. I like open parameter behind the scenes creation. Sure we have to keep our creative selves in check too and not get entirely carried away but let’s say I create a company and put such company under an umbrella of a larger existing company; can I just let other people run that facade, go down so to speak every once in a while with one of my creations or several different ones a day and function within the company I built that way?

Perhaps if the boss can do what he wants maybe the boss will never lose his divinity.

This is where I think I think like Walt Disney a wee bit. Perhaps that’s why he started the Imagineers.

I know what I want. I feel and see my vision knowing currently I need help. Honestly I’m broke other than fairly small stable personal income and I need financial start-up help and people that believe in such vision in a light-hearted professional manner. Maybe that’s it. I’m a light-hearted guy and no matter how heavy my heart temporarily or because of others becomes its my true nature to be light-hearted.

You know I respect and admire people of divinity. My company needs divinity and I think it will help maintain ethos not only from the facade but with behind the scenes ethos to

Here’s another thing; if I’m under a larger umbrella maybe I can go play in other companies too only from a creative standpoint though.

Cartoons are not the only facet of creation this works in.

I’m starting to see the conundrum of wanting to work a job and creating them come into the light I need.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”

About Michael Lee Burris

Screenwriter Lyricist
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