Bad Day?

Today has been extremely frustrating due to inefficiencies.

Mind you I’m not the most efficient person in the world and am practical to understand problems occur, things happen.

With that said what really irks me about inefficiencies is lack of effort for resolve or accepting them just as such.

Some inefficiencies take our own effort to resolve however when I am the customer or I pay for services its not my job or should it be my job to worry about or correct their inefficiencies with what I consider simple thought and communication.

This is one of those days I have to bite back a little. I’ve stated before I’m not always nice and would like to claim never mean but inefficiencies are one thing that at times can drive me closer to that meanness only in regards of being direct, standing up to and conveying clear thought. I extremely dislike companies or businesses dancing around, making excuses and blaming others especially with companies that provide services of reliability. Its hard for me not to blame individual workers in such businesses or companies too but I realize there are only certain levels of controls workers have.

Sometimes I’m wrong and inefficiencies are caused by my lack of planning or wanting  immediate gratification. I guess that’s part of staying driven where and when sometimes people don’t realize, know or care why I’m driven nor do they need or have to know. I need to realize and understand that but damn it’s hard.

So this is a healthy blog before I go resolve a problem of inefficiency.  In some respects what I need to resolve both is and isn’t a big issue but it is important for me to evaluate myself, keep myself in check and be aware/conscious of how I can handle it more professionally without being mean.

The happiness factor of one particular business today was gone from all employees to multiple customer interaction. The only way I could justify a manager not stepping in would be if that manager were blind literally although this day they might have to be deaf too.

In a broader scope and on a broader view maybe I should work for a company of seamless clockwork design and timing. I would feel pretty happy and normal that way unless I had the responsibility of clockwork maintenance.

As much as inefficiencies irk me and I want immediate resolve many times I don’t want to be the one of resolve even if I do know how to fix it.

If I were the boss of any company, project or endeavor; today would not be a good day to call the boss a cry-baby. After all I need to pass my own pissed-off test.

I ranted this one out today as logically and as rationally as I could.  I’m going to stay calm, assess the significant prioritizing what I need to do, do good and quit rambling. I’ve heard some people say CEO’s can be big babies too. Surely that’s not true and of course I’m not (A CEO) but I’m wondering where else such days are happening trying to think like them. Maybe just maybe every once in a while they need empathy too. It’s so damn easy to criticize from the outside looking in but they don’t always make the big bucks because of name or fortunate being born who they are. I’m coming to the conclusion that well-structured companies have empathy from top to bottom. Kind of sounds like a weird concept in the business world but somehow I see it coming for many companies. Even in the cesspool of Hollywood and media as some would say.

All in all I think it’s good and healthy for everyone to be able to convey how they feel. There are some temporary overwhelming decisions being made in big companies currently and its one time in business empathy is important. People with money and control don’t always have to make bad decisions for society especially with just a wee bit of empathy in play. You can’t get carried away with it but it doesn’t take much empathy for those people “the powers that be” to make better decisions. Before you or I bitch about a company and their decisions imagine how you could do it better and be fair to everyone. Certain times you just can’t but maybe even from some lowly or even outsider nobody level such as myself  if you try you might come away or run away with a whole new perspective.

Michael Lee Burris

“I will never stop driving a creative revolutionary wheel of desire and determination always needing genuine help along the way.”


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