Hem Haw

Word origins and vernaculars are cool.

While today was not intended for being one of those hem haw days it is Saturday and maybe I should forgive myself for hem hawing around.

Hopefully searching the origin of hem haw and dating it to timeline of American culture will be useful, in fact I’m already thinking it probably is.

Oh fither dither, doubt if fither is a word but no worries, I guess it (Hem Haw) has perhaps musical reflective origins from hum or hon as well. Wonder how relevant it was to Duke Ellington or Jazz vernacular of the thirties. Sounds like something Flapper Girls might have used.

Hemming and a hawing  around how profound hey I think I was supposed to think first before typing or using words. Maybe I’m not that type. Maybe I am that type.

LOL! sorry bout’ that.

Just looking it up in real time as I blog…

(Cool Idea… Though processes writer’s go through when researching word origins in real time. Maybe even a vlog.) Eh, most writer’s rooms probably are already all to familiar with this practice.

Michael Lee Burris

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